Fated Soul Discussion Questions

Here are some discussion questions to help start a conversation about Fated Soul. They can be used by teachers, students, book groups, or anyone else!


1. Who are the main characters of this book? What are their flaws? What are their goals throughout the book?


2. Whose point of view do we read from? Which point of view did you prefer and why?


3. How did you feel about Adelaide’s decision to flip Trent’s hourglass and stop him from dying? Given the chance, what would you have done in her situation?


4. What were some of the negative consequences of Adelaide’s decisions? How were these obstacles overcome? How would you have handled the same situations?


5. What do you believe is the overall theme of this book?


6. What were some of the settings explored in this book? How were they different?


7. How did the inhabitants of Cava differ from those from the earthly plane?


8. If given the choice, would you rather be recycled or become an Exanimus after death? Why?