Land of No Angels Discussion Questions

Here are some sample questions for Land of No Angels, which is available for free at all outlets. They can be used for students, members of a book club, or any other conversation regarding this book.

1. What are some of the major themes in this book?

2. What are some of the bad decisions made by Rebecca and Errol throughout the book? How could some of these situations been solved or avoided?

3. What moral dilemmas appeared throughout the book? How would you have handled them differently?

4. How would you survive the demon apocalypse. How would you stay alive during a demon attack after the fact?

5. What are some of the consequences Rebecca faces for using her power?

6. Discuss and analyze the relationship between Rebecca and Fox. How does it impact their actions throughout the book?

7. Discuss the relationship dynamic between Rebecca and Errol. What could they do to strengthen my understanding of one another?

8. Discuss the Pagan themes throughout the book. How were they handled? What impact did they have upon the post-apocalyptic world?

9. Describe and discuss some of the different settings. How did being in the Midwest impact the characters (positively or negatively)?

10. Who was your favorite character and why? Who was your least favorite character and why?