Five PG-13 Movies on Netflix to Watch for Halloween

If you are like me and don’t have cable (I know, right?), then you might be left trying to find decent, pg-13 rated movies to watch on Halloween. Well, the choices are not as numerous as the rated R counterparts, but there are a few really great one that are appropriate for the teen, young adult, and even adult crowd. So you don’t have to track them down yourself, I thought I’d list the better ones… or at least my favorites.


The PossessionThe Possession – This is a pretty cool movie. A bit different than most horror movies where there is Jewish lore involved rather than Christian or Pagan lore. Basically, the guy who plays John Winchester in Supernatural is the main character and is kind of distant and an almost-loser with his family. His wife is irritating and his oldest daughter is a snot, but his younger girl starts becoming possessed by this entity that had been trapped in a Pandora’s box of sorts. Pretty creeptastic and pretty cool to watch despite the awkward and somewhat dysfunctional family.


House at the End of the StreetHouse at the End of the Street – I know this movie catches a lot of grief, and I wonder if it’s because many people went into it thinking it was one thing, only to discover it was something else. Remove all preconceived notions about this movie and watch it. It’s actually a pretty great movie, and it has Jennifer Lawrence, who is seriously a goddess. I can’t talk too much about this without giving something away, but basically it’s pretty twisted in the end. Less supernatural and more psychological in a way. Really a good one to see.


The Fourth KindThe Fourth Kind – This movie is not paranormal, but it involves aliens and my girl-crush, Milla Jovovich. Usually, I’m not too into aliens (except for Falling Skies, which is a trillion times better than the Walking Dead), but this one has some psychological aspects that I really love about the supernatural. (Aliens are sort of supernatural, right?) And having grown up on X-files, this movie just sits well with me.


The HoleThe Hole – Okay, so The Hole is one of those almost cheesy-pie movies. If you see Keira Knightly in the movie, shut it off immediately. LOL, these may have the same name, but I assure you, the one with Keira Knightly is NOT appropriate for 13 year olds. Any way, in the correct movie, some kids find this mysterious hole in their garage, which had been practically shackled closed. The hole is never ending and begins to mess with their greatest fears. This movie is a good one but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


The LangoliersThe Langoliers – This is a long one and based on the story by Stephen King. It’s also kind of old. The Langoliers is probably one of my favorite Stephen King stories and the movie is pretty good. A group of people find themselves alone on a plane and have to figure out what happened to everyone else on the plane, as well as on the ground. The premise itself is pretty cool and the impending crackle of the Langoliers and the antagonistic Mr. Toomy make for some great conflict.



Do you have any recommendations for PG-13 Halloween-type movies on Netflix?


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