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New Short Story Release: The Hat Man Club

So, I have extremely exciting news about Fated Soul: it has an official release date! August 1st, you will have access to this new dark paranormal romance! It should be available for preorder within the next week at a special discount of 99ยข! In the mean time, I recently published a short Tween/Teen horror story, The Hat Man Club, which I totally forgot to announce. Jeez, I’ve been spacey. But it is one of a couple of short horrors I’ve written lately unrelated to the Dark Ascension Series. See information on it below.

hatManClub800The Hat Man Club

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Tori is being haunted by a shadowy figure she calls The Hat Man. While she normally plays it off as a sleep-induced hallucination, on Halloween night, he stalks her while she trick-or-treats with her best friends, Stacy, Erin, and Dawn. A sugar-filled sleepover turns into a terrifying horror story as Tori discovers the sinister truth about The Hat Man.