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Land of No Angels Aftermath

I was going through some of my work from grad school because I am going to apply for a PhD program later this year, and I found a couple of exercises related to Land of No Angels. It was so fun to read some things that didn’t make it into the book and things that I had written to help me understand parts of the book. I thought I would share a few pieces I wrote.

This particular piece was a writing exercise for a class (I believe the prompt originated from a book of writing prompts) and was supposed to be a short scene from the aftermath of Land of No Angels. In case anyone was wondering what prompted Fox to leave Crown Haven, this should explain it! Enjoy the Land of No Angels aftermath.


Fox slipped into the shadows of the altar room where he knew Errol to be. Even though she had only come out of her spell induced sleep three days ago, Errol had been extremely supportive to Fox in regards to his “little secret.”

“Why would he do this to me? To us?” a voice spat.

Rebecca. Fox had not seen her, let alone spoken to her, since curing Errol. Clearly she was still mad at him. He tiptoed behind the black curtains and maneuvered himself into a spot where he could see and hear them both better.

“I don’t think he meant to to hurt anyone,” Errol answered.

“He must have considering how little my feelings meant to him,” Rebecca said.

“You should talk to him.”


Errol sighed in irritation, “No wonder he kept it from you with how you’re acting about the whole thing.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you are being seriously ignorant! Don’t you think he feels bad enough?”

“No! No, I don’t think he feels bad enough! Not only is he…” Rebecca struggled with her words for a moment. She glanced from side to side, as though saying it out loud would jinx her somehow, and then whispered, “…a demon, but he also lied about it.”

“He’s only part demon. It’s not the same. Besides, he didn’t exactly lie… he just—didn’t tell you the truth right away.”

Rebecca scoffed. Fox thought for a moment; he wanted so badly to tell her that he should have explained himself the moment he found out. It was wrong not to, but the idea that he was part demon was not exactly an easy thing to cope with, especially during a time of crisis. Besides, was it really the lying that upset her or was it the fact that he had demon in him. It made him potentially dangerous and Rebecca did not like things that were dangerous, especially demons.

“That is the same as lying and you know it,” Rebecca said.

“Oh, come on! How would you feel if you found out you were half demon? I’m sure you wouldn’t go around announcing it to everyone either,” Errol replied.

“I would tell the people I cared about! The people who mattered to me. Besides, when have we met a trustworthy demon?”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s true. Have we ever? No. Demons hunt us and kill us, or enslave us, but they do not love us, and they do not help take care of us.”

“How—How can you say that about Fox? He likes you. I mean, really likes you, and I know you wouldn’t be this angry if you didn’t like him too.”

Rebecca looked down; her face burned pink. As a few tears dribbled down her face, she said, “I—I can’t.”

“He saved my life. You remember that,” Errol said with vehemence that made Rebecca recoil. “He gave his blood to cure me, and he did it for you. Sure, he might not have wanted to see me die, but it was all for you. Don’t you dare forget that.”

Errol turned away and stormed off without another word. Rebecca sat with her hands in her face, sobbing and confused. Fox watched and forced himself not to try and comfort her. He didn’t want to make things worse, and Rebecca’s words stung him. After he couldn’t stand to hear her anguish any more, Fox slipped around the edge of the shadowed altar room and left unnoticed.


A Writing Exercise – Story Through Letter

So, I’ve been in a sort of rut the last few days. I think I’m getting over it because I’m so annoyed that I’ve been neglecting NaNoWriMo related things that I will shortly be starting my outline. In the meantime, I am writing this entry about one of my most favorite writing exercises from 3 A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley. I have no idea why it’s my favorite or why I love it so much, but the first time I ever used it was amazing. Basically, what I will do is give and explanation of the exercise (in green, if you would like to try it) and then write my own (in block quotes). I could just show my old one since it was my favorite, but it doesn’t pertain to my current novel and I think I would benefit from a little free write, so to speak.

Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Write an email (or a note, letter, or something of the sort) as one of your characters to another one of your character with a list of 5 – 8 items that one either needs or will bring. A successful exercise will include implied plot and character personality. It’s an exercise to help you understand your characters and is a fun way to brainstorm.

Here’s mine:


Bridget ran off after Kitcha went mental last night. She’s probably alright, but we really don’t have the time to track her down. I say we cut our losses. I’m sure she will turn up and Kitcha is capable of taking care of the both of them. If we are going to get to Julian by tomorrow morning we will need a few supplies.

  • Peroxide
  • Mountain Dew
  • Baking Soda
  • Canned Peaches
  • 9mm Ammo
  • Bandages
  • New Bike Chain

I’m taking care of everything but the ammo and bike chain. It only seems fair you find those since the 9mm and bike belong to you. Just saying.

Be Back in an hour,

I totally remember why I love this exercise so much. It’s fun and easy and you can actually say a lot about a character in such a short bit of writing. If you choose to do this exercise, I would LOVE for you to link or post the result.

Also, anyone try Write or Die? I find it quite fun! I was really excited to hear that a desktop version may be in the works. Hopefully I can use that. If not, I may just try using the online version. Who knows! But check it out anyway, because it’s pretty neat!