The Afterlife of Rebecca Ashford (TAORA) – Scavengers

The Afterlife of Rebecca Ashford (TAORA) is a blog post series about Rebecca, the main character in the Dark Ascension series by N.R. Wick. Rebecca is the main character in the Dark Ascension series. These posts are short stories (flash fiction), usually with drawings, sketches, paintings, etc. of things that Rebecca might have seen during the Dark Ascension series. All TAORA posts will be in Rebecca’s point of view and voice. Enjoy!


I’m Rebecca Ashford, and this is my afterlife.

After the Ascension, it wasn’t long before the Scavengers lurked through the little town Errol and I lived in. Once most of our friends and neighbors had been slaughtered, the smell of death lured these gnarly beasts to the bodies. For the most part, Scavengers ate dead flesh. Their eyes are huge, but they can only see movement, which makes them poor hunters, so they rely on smell and things that are easy to come by like corpses.



One of the days that Errol and I ventured out of our tornado bunker to salvage any canned goods around the neighborhood, we saw a Scavenger carcass in the street. Its gut had been ripped open and looked like it had been partially eaten. An arrow protruded from the center of its head between the bulbous, milky eyes.

It brought us pleasure to know that someone was able to fend it off, but the victory must have been short lived since we found that person dead inside the crumbling house across the street with a bow and arrow still clutched in her hands. Well, we found half of her anyway. It reeked like rotting garbage, and the pool and smear of blood had turned black.

Her upper half had been shredded, probably by the curved claws of the Scavenger pack. Something must have spooked them, though, because they had left their meal half eaten. Whatever it was, we didn’t wait around to find out. Nothing good comes from investigating the cause of death here in the Shadowlands… or anywhere else, I’m sure.


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