YA Week of Creep Giveaway

Since I’m in the giving mood this week, I thought I’d follow suite with my adult horror pen name, Cole Knightly, and host a Week of Creep giveaway, but YA style. Samhain/Halloween is coming up and I always get overzealous with the giveaways and promos. Why? Because it’s probably my favorite holiday (next to Thanksgiving, of course). I did have another promo going on over at The 31 Days of Haloweenpalooza, but the prizes went so fast that I thought it would be good to have another one. If you missed the guest post I wrote about the most frightened I’ve ever been, you should head over to the Halloweenpalooza blog and check it out. I don’t usually share this sort of thing, but it’s something that really stayed with me. Also, I have a flash fiction post coming up on the 31st that I hope everyone will love!

Without further ado, let’s get on with the giveaway!

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  1. Michelle Willms

    I’ve only recently begun watching scary movies…unless you count serial killer movies. Then, I would say my favorite scary movie is between Silence of the Lambs and Seven. I love those types of movies. I did watch the Saw movies, but they really didn’t have much of a plot. I like a plot with my movie. Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

    1. N.R. Wick Post author

      Ooh, I loved Seven. I get what you mean about the Saw movies. Still love ’em, but not for the same reasons to love movies like Seven. I loved 1408 and Identity, too.

    1. N.R. Wick Post author

      It is a great one! Love it! I grew up watching movies like Nightmare on Elm Street. Hahaha, my parents told me when I was little I was in a video store with them and saw a cutout of Freddy. I guess I squealed excitedly and hugged it, then I called Freddy my boyfriend. Oh man, good times.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Penelope Reece

    My favorite scary movies are – these aren’t very scary but I still love them – Fright Night and The Lost Boys.

    I grew up watch the Nightmare on Elm Streets, which was a pretty morbid thing for a six year old to like and beg to watch. My brother and I used to watch the Sci-Fi channel whenever they’d have a Friday the 13th movie marathon on. Those are the movies I love; the ones from my childhood.


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